no water! no problem

During these turbulent and challenging times, changes are occurring daily. Currently, it is hard to predict how long the Coronavirus is going to impact our world or when our lives will return to normal. Since we are ALL in this together, be assured that we have you covered to make the most of the current situation!

We miss diving as much as you do, so let us continue training and focus on the things we love while staying at home. No water, no problem – You have always wanted to dig a little deeper into the academics, but maybe never got the chance. Well, this is for you.

  • Start with the basics of diving. Complete the academics and complete pool and certification later.

  • Develop a complete understanding of the underwater world and its effect

  • Learn about diving physics, physiology, marine life, and environment 

  • Acquire the knowledge needed to begin your life long adventures.

No Certification Needed:
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  • REMOTE REGISTRATION & PERSONAL DEVICES – All SSI Programs can be sold and registered over the phone or online and done on your phone, tablet or computer. The academics can be taken online and studied at home, while the in-water training can occur at a later date.

  • GREAT FLEXIBILITY – Learn on the go wherever you are and anywhere in the world. Study from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. In this time of social distancing - Stay Connected Digitally. NMSC is still here for you. Call or email us with any questions you may have about training.

  • 24/7 ACCESS – Your classroom is open 24/7. Access your favorite training program on your desktop, tablet or smart phone in 40 plus languages. You can even download your training materials to your mobile devices using the MySSI App and access the program offline at anywhere, anytime.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – SSI pioneered the digital revolution and still the market leader today. And it does not stop there! As new training methods and diving evolves, we are staying in front of the technology curve. We are making sure you have access to the most modern and state-of-the-art training materials available in the industry today.