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Diving is not just an Adventure of a Lifetime – but a Lifetime of Adventure. A diver with a physical disability can have the same Lifetime of Adventure as an Able Bodied Diver.

We all have disabilities — some are more apparent than others. We all learn to Adapt in our everyday lives, so why should we not be able to Adapt underwater?

A handicap is what society puts onto someone with a disability. A disability is the physical aspect of an accident, illness or a birth defect.

Adaptive SCUBA Diving is a training philosophy that addresses the specific needs of a disabled individual, trains to that specific disability, and then prepares that individual to dive with mainstream Open Water Divers. We do this by including as many standard skills as possible and by jointly training with an Adaptive Buddy who can fill in the gaps for the disabled diver.  These divers are a team that can dive in most locations with Open Water Divers.

Adaptive Divers are usually those with spinal cord injuries (paraplegic, quadriplegic), neurological disorders, amputees, visually impaired, or hearing impaired.  For those divers who are quadriplegic or visually impaired, we train them as an Escorted Diver who requires a team of 3 other able bodied divers to dive safely. Both Adaptive and Escorted Divers can dive in the mainstream diving community.

It does not matter how we get there, as long as we all do. Remember Underwater we are all equal.

SCUBA diving is a cooperative recreational activity and not a competitive sport. It is a learning process in which students with and without disabilities interact together. It integrates people with disabilities into the diving community with those who are able-bodied and knowledgeable in procedures used with divers who may need assistance. As technology advances the number of people with disabilities interested in diving will increase.

Adaptive Scuba is integrating a person with a physical disability into mainstream SCUBA, allowing them to dive with their able bodied family and friends anywhere in the world. 


“Our mission is to provide the highest of quality in professionalism, SCUBA training, equipment, support, and service.  Our goal is to produce competent, self-assured, and well-trained divers — disabled and able-bodied alike.”

We work together with the Dive Pirate Foundation to train Adaptive Dive Leaders, Adaptive Divers and Adaptive Buddies from all over the world.  We are honored to be a chapter of Dive Pirates here in New Mexico and look forward to many more years of successful and rewarding scuba adventures.  Dive Pirates derives its name and philosophy (we share the same philosophy) from the combination of diving adventure and the romance with the sea, especially the panache of pirates. Traditionally, pirate crews would take care of injured crew members by making them peg legs, hooks, eye patches, etc.  Disabled crew members were not banished from the ship, but were given new tasks that they could perform and be useful to the rest of the crew. They were also given a pre-determined cut of the booty in exchange for their contribution.  We continue that spirit by bringing the Adaptive Divers along with the rest of the crew and cutting them in on the priceless booty of the sea.  www.divepirates.org

To get your part of the booty call us at 505-271-0633 e-mail us at nmscuba@qwest.net


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